May 9th Bond Proposal

As the Wister School bond proposal vote approaches, it is important to consider the benefits of the proposed building. The building will include six classrooms, two of which are safe rooms, a covered play area, and safety measures that will provide a secure environment for students and staff.

The additional classrooms will allow for the expansion of existing programs and the introduction of new ones, ensuring that the school can better serve its students. The safe room is an essential feature that will provide a secure space for students and staff in the event of an emergency. The covered play area will offer a sheltered space for students to exercise and play, regardless of the weather.

In addition, the proposed building will include a centralized entryway facing Logan Street for all elementary parents and visitors. This entryway will be designed to provide a secure and controlled environment, allowing staff to monitor and control access to the school. Furthermore, two sets of locked doors before access to any classrooms will provide an added layer of security, ensuring that only authorized individuals are able to enter the classroom areas.

These safety measures are particularly important in today's world, where schools have become targets for violence and other threats. The proposed building would provide essential safety measures that will help protect the school community, ensuring that parents can feel confident in sending their children to Wister School each day.

In conclusion, the Wister School bond proposal is an investment in the future of the school and the wider community. The additional classrooms, safe room, covered play area, and safety measures will provide numerous benefits, including an expanded educational program, a secure environment, and a safe and sheltered play area for students. As such, it is important to support the Wister School bond proposal on May 9th for the benefit of the school, its students, and the community.

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